Software assists IT service ( Small Task )


Handling a wide range of small and repetitive tasks to maintain the functionality and efficiency of IT systems and services

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Ticket Management: Receive and prioritize IT support tickets, focusing on minor issues, requests, and routine maintenance tasks.

User Assistance: Provide prompt and courteous assistance to end-users, addressing their inquiries, solving basic technical problems, and guiding them through common issues.

Software Updates: Assist in deploying software updates, patches, and security fixes to ensure all systems are up to date and secure.

Hardware Maintenance: Perform routine hardware checks, such as replacing faulty cables, cleaning equipment, and managing inventory of peripherals and supplies.

Documentation: Maintain detailed records of completed tasks, troubleshooting steps, and resolutions for future reference and improvement.

Password Resets: Handle password reset requests, account unlocks, and user access management, adhering to security protocols.

Backup Management: Monitor and perform regular backups of critical data, ensuring data integrity and disaster recovery readiness.

Routine System Checks: Conduct daily or weekly system checks to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems.

Software Licensing: Keep track of software licenses and ensure compliance with licensing agreements.

Inventory Control: Assist in maintaining an inventory of hardware and software assets, tracking their usage and condition.

Communication: Collaborate with other IT team members to escalate complex issues and coordinate efforts for efficient problem resolution.

Training: Assist in the development and delivery of basic training materials for end-users on common IT tools and best practices


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